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Tel: 808-258-2896  |  Email: chef.ave@gmail.com


Meet The Chef

I'm a chef, farmer, activist and educator. I trained under some of the best Chefs in Europe and the Pacific and have lived and worked in many countries, with many cuisines. Food should be a celebration of the local terroir and nourish your body and soul. My focus is local procurement to build communities and economies via empowerment and resilience in the food system as a regenerative abundant network. I invite you to enjoy a cerebral and gastronomic experience of conviviality akin to nothing else, to be delighted by the playfulness and story of how the food got to your plate. And to be taken to new levels of deliciousness.


Tel: 808.258.2896  |  Email: chef.ave@gmail.com


At Your Service

Tel: 808.258.2896  |  Email: chef.ave@gmail.com


Tell me a little about your event so I can begin the creation process


Seed to Sprout

endive with artichoke heart and green olive tapenade, bee pollen

gazpacho blanco: almonds, green grapes, verjus, tumeric oil

ensalata blanca: kohlrabi, pink lady apple, nigella, micro daikon, sulatanas, snap dragons

relleno en nogada: pasilla, full belly wheat berries, cashew nogada, creamy polenta, mole gravy, pomegranate

Hyper Seasonal & Uber Local:
Early Winter Menu

whimsical tastes of the season, nutritionally dense & divine to tantalize the palate



favorite veggies, local fish, foraged mushrooms? I’ll assemble a playful menu





terroir-specific local wines paired with small plates

The food is ethereal and takes you on a journey;

it tastes even better than it looks and is comforting yet light. Ave is warm and knowledgeable and you leave blissed out.

Very High Profile Anonymous Client, San Francisco

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